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Sustainability & Recycling Program

Sustainability & Recycling Program

Beauty Strike Sustainability Promise

Beauty Strike strives to be an overall Sustainable brand and skincare provider. The beauty industry is notorious for being a wasteful industry from the encouraged use and repurchase of a new bottle for the same product to over packaging products shipped to your front door. Beauty Strike started with a mission and intention of being ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free skincare and beauty products to the market and we now we are offering even more sustainable resources to continue to use the Beauty products that keep you glowing. 

Ways Beauty Strike is a Eco-Conscious brand

We ship our online orders using Sustainable, Eco-Friendly shipping boxes! 

What does sustainable packaging mean?
For packaging to be sustainable, both the creation and use of the packaging must be beneficial, safe, and healthy for the environment throughout its lifecycle. It must also be manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices with renewable and/or recyclable materials. Sustainable packaging is physically designed to optimize material and energy, and ultimately, reduce the environmental impact and ecological footprint.
Are these boxes biodegradable?
Yes! Uncontaminated cardboard is naturally biodegradable, so this means that our shipping boxes are too. The good news is that even cardboard boxes with food and natural oils can be composted in your garden. Recycling your boxes has the added benefit of reusing the pulp and minimizing the need to cut down more trees.

While we always recommend that you recycle your boxes, be assured that they'll break down over time no matter what bin you put them in.

We use glass packaging

Are Glass packaging eco-friendly? 
Beauty Strike is reducing the production of plastic, a non-biodegradable substance and using Glass which is 100% recyclable. Glass can be melted down and reused without loss of quality. 

Biodegradable packing peanuts

What makes a packing peanut biodegradable?
Leaving no toxic waste means something is biodegradable. The packaging peanuts we use decompose in water and are pet safe and FDA compliant! 

Our refill program

Refilling with Kraft instead of Plastic
Beauty Strike makes strives to cut plastic waste because plastic cannot biodegrade. The product is what you want not more of the same packaging. You need what is inside the packaging so offering a pouch of the product is more sustainable especially when the refill option is made from recycled kraft. Grab your favorite products and refill your products at home!
Refilling a product is as simple as
Going online to your favorite Beauty Strike product and selecting refill! All of our products should be available for the kraft pouch refill by end of summer 2021

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