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Esthetician’s Guide To Using Serums

Written by Emani Jeter


Posted on January 10 2019


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It’s 2019 and it seems like serums and facial oils are having a moment. Everywhere we turn on social media we see pictures of captions boasting about this new holy grail serum they found. But, what is all the hype about and should you incorporate a serum or facial oil into your skincare regimen? Beauty Strike has scoured the internet for the tops questions from non-serum believers so we can tell you why you’ve been missing out and your hyperpigmentation followed you into the new year. 


The Basic Skincare Regimen 


Makeup Removal






Ok we’re done! Wait my skin isn’t changing? If that sounds like you it’s probably because you aren’t using a serum. By using a serum, you are able to intensify the strength of your regimen. Because serums tend to have high quality active ingredients which means you use a lot less product but they do a lot more to your skin. The texture of serums are usually lighter than a moisturizer which for oilier skin textures allow them to be hydrated without worrying about being overly oily and normal/dry skin textures to use under a moisturizer. 


How to apply a serum or facial oil 


Serums should be applied twice a day under a moisturizer and spf. To avoid wasting your serum only use one or two fingers instead of wasting product on your hands. Serums should be the first product applied after cleansing and toning your skin. Also, don’t forget your spf!!! 


You’ve Got Options


Serums are a great product and now hopefully you have the knowledge to take your skincare regimen to the next level. Now you’re probably wondering which serum is for me? For an oily skin texture (meaning your pores naturally look like an orange) using a water based serum would be well suited for your skin type while a dry skin texture (your pores look like an apple) would do well with well formulated oils. Searching for a serum really depends on what your skin concerns are. If it’s hyperpigmentation maybe look for a serum that’s exfoliating it has oils that deal with that specific issue. Take a look below of Beauty Strikes serum and oils and what each one does for the skin.


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Vitamin C Serum 



Vitamin C brightens skin, improves radiance, provides antioxidant protection and stimulates collagen production. Vitamin E enhances anti-oxidant protection. White Tea Extract soothes skin, helping to prevent irritation. Gingko Biloba Extract stimulates micro-circulation for improved skin health. Glycerin softens skin and helps prevent dehydration.


Enzyme Serum Exfoliating





Papaya Enzyme and Glycolic Acid are a power-packed combination that helps break down the bonds that hold cells together, so the actives effectively eliminate the old, surface dead cells that cause skin to look dull and lackluster. Effectively accelerates cell turnover and speeds up the production of fresh, younger cells so skin regains its vibrancy, radiance and resilience. Collagen Amino Acids greatly enhance the penetration of moisture and deep condition skin. Adenosine Triphosphate works similarly to the body's own ATP (the molecular “currency” of cellular activity) and has strong potential as a cell-communicating ingredient and inflammation modulator. Malic Acid Mild is an AHA that helps skin look younger & firmer. Slower, more even penetration ensures less potential for irritation. Biotin helps fortify skin for improved barrier function. Sodium Hyaluronate helps to hydrate and plump skin. Cucumber, Kiwi & Sage Extracts are vitamin and mineral-rich extracts that nourish, soothe and moisturize.


Hydration Serum



Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid super hydrates, nourishes, enhances elasticity, and boosts suppleness.

Manuka Honey Extract helps calm skin and improve moisture retention.

Glycerin provides intense hydration, enhances moisture retention and softens skin.


Beauty Oil




Calendula Oil provides anti-inflammatory properties to soothe, calm and nurture skin. Jojoba Oil is chemically one of the most similar oils to the natural oil the skin produces (sebum) making it bio-mimetic. Rosemary Leaf Extract provides antioxidant benefits as well as helping to invigorate microcirculation. Sunflower Oil consists primarily of triglycerides of linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid) and oleic acids. It contains lecithin, carotenoids, and waxes. Excellent emollient oil that prevents transepidermal water loss, inhibiting dryness and chapping. Vitamin E has excellent skin bioaffinity and is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from aging free radicals and environmental assaults.



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