About Beauty Strike ⚡️

About Beauty Strike ⚡️


Welcome To Beauty Strike !

First off I want to thank you for visiting this page and wanting to know more about Beauty Strike⚡️. My name is Emani Mone' Jeter and I am the owner and chief taste maker at Beauty Strike Cosmetics. I grew up in a Mary Kay house meaning my mom literally had a room full of makeup (I know any girls dream). For years I have seen my mom thrive in her Mary Kay business I have seen her win numerous cars, trips and jewelry but as her accolades began to pile I questioned a few things in the foundation. I wondered where the diversity was in the products as well as keeping up with trends while not compromising what the company stands for. Making sure there are scentless options for people whom have skin conditions like eczema as I do as well as staying vegan, cruelty free and fabulous.

Emani Mone Jeter

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