Behind The Coffee Collection

Behind The Coffee Collection

Hi Beauty! So why did Beauty Strike decide to make a coffee collection you ask. Well Coffee has so many exfoliating and anti-flammitory properties while offering temporary reduction in cellulite. Coffee used for skin care purposes also reduces eye puffiness and helps achieve photo-ready smooth skin. Lets break down each item so you know why you absolutely need it and why we created it!

Coffee & Clay Mask

As you know coffee is very good for exfoliating we also have French Red Clay that does stain but it's also amazing pulling properties meaning stubborn white head and black heads will begone! While we have organic oatmeal calming and healing the skin and the addition of Agave Nectar pulling it all together. Agave Nectar is a dessert plant that secrets a sweet nectar that can be used in place of Honey from bees so we're 100% vegan. 

Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub

The coffee scrub in addition to coffee contains Non GMO Vegan brown sugar to exfoliate those pores. As well as Organic Fair Trade shea butter and vanilla oil for a burst in flavor and scent. 

Coffee Toner

Our Coffee toner contains Witch Hazel a natural astringent that helps with acne, redness and bruises, eczema and psoriasis, ingrown hairs, oily skin, excessive sweating, sun damage and the list goes on. Infused with Coffee, Vitamin E and love your skin will be photo ready in no time. 


Coffee Body Soufflè 

Coffee, Organic Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter are just the starters for this thick nourishing body butter. With the infusion of Vitamin E oil, Jojoba Oil and Vanilla Oil this body Soufflè smells just as good as it feels. It spreads like butter to reveal fresh non dry winter skin. 

* Great For Eczema & Psoriasis Prone Skin *



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