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Beauty Strike Private Event

Beauty Strike Private Event


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The Lip Lab is brought to you by Beauty Strike an event where you will customize your own shade of liquid lipstick using Beauty Strike's signature base and colorant. You will have the choice between liquid matte or lip gloss. All products are 100% vegan and cruelty free unless stated otherwise. Great to book for Bridal Showers, Birthday's, Girls Night Outs, As A Corporate Get-Away and more! 



  • Each Person Customizes 2 Custom Liquid Lipstick's or Lipgloss 
  • Complimentary 2 Lip Masks (24k Gold & Rosè Lip Mask)
  • Light Brunch + Mimosas
  • Photo-booth Fun!
  • Chance To Win 24 Grid Makeup Organizer 

 Only Taking On New York City Bookings At The Moment Parties Are Held At One Of Beauty Strike's Event Locations In Manhattan or Brooklyn. Price Is Based On Number Of People. Questions please contact the party planner by phone (973)494-3045 or by Email with Subject Beauty Strike Lip Lab 


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