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Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skincare Brand Owned By A Licensed Esthetician.

July Favorites Bundle

$95.00 USD

SHIPS JULY 6TH-14th. Only 50 Available. Comes exclusively in the "Beauty Strike Box" 

Every month prepare for Beauty Strike to share a one of a kind bundle made for the largest organ on your body. Your Skin! July is the month of staying hydrated and managing any breakouts especially if you live humid NYC.

Here's the bundle and why

Brilliant and Clear AHA/BHA Cleanser $38 - Blending powerful AHA's and BHA's to clear skin down to the follicle. This is Beauty Strikes first BHA product and we are excited to offer this especially for oily skin types.

Rose & Glycerin Toner $22 - An update of our moisturizing Toner featuring an 100% vegan option.

Brightening SPF $32 - If you don't wear spf your hyperpigmentation will 100% stay on your skin. This spf is specially designed to make sure your skin is protected against UVA & UVB rays.

Pimple Patch $15 - Just incase you get a little friend that you want to disappear in 48 hours. 

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